Our Partner

El Shaddai Charitable Trust is a registered, non-profit Charity working in Goa and other States in India, implementing the Child Rights Act 2003/05 for orphans, street children and children coming from economically desperate conditions.

At the heart of the charity lies the desire to “give childhood to children who never had it”. Over the years it has grown leaps and bounds in terms of children rescued and infrastructure created to provide rehabilitation. The charity now runs a network ofChildren’s Residential Homes, Day Care Centres and Community Centres across Goa, whilst it has also grown geographically into different states of India where it funds, trains and equips a number of project partners to deliver a variety of effective community services, ranging from vocational educational support to clean water provision through the construction of wells.

Whilst the official name of our partner is identical to that of our charity here in the UK, in India, it is more frequently referred to by its colloquial name, Child Rescue.

For more information visit: www.childrescue.net

Children give thumbs up

Two girls smile and embrace