A Shared History

In 1996, Anita Edgar, a British lady visited Goa and was deeply moved by the many children living in such deprived circumstances. Whilst praying about the situation she met a young Goan Christian who suggested that she meet the Pastor of his church. The Pastor in question was Matthew Kurian and one Sunday morning they met and found that they both shared the same vision to help the children of Goa. With the shared vision of bringing childhood to children who had never had the chance to experience it, together Anita and Matthew founded El Shaddai Charitable Trust, which was formally registered in 1997 in Goa, India.

Following on from these events, in 1999 Anita and Matthew proceeded to establish El Shaddai Charitable Trust in England, with the explicit intention of providing financial support to El Shaddai Charitable Trust in Goa, India. Since our formation here in England, we have been a grant-making donor organisation which solely supports our partner organisation in Goa and to this day we have not wavered from this mission.

El Shaddai Charitable Trust founders