Loving + Caring + Sharing

In an ideal world, every child would be wanted, loved and nurtured, but we know that this is not the case in so many places around the world, including the UK.

Our vision is “bringing childhood to children who have never had one” and we have chosen to be part of the El Shaddai family and the good news is that the vision is becoming a reality in the lives of so many children in India.

El Shaddai Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit charity registered on July 28, 1999 in England with the charity number 1076768.

Children reading

Since the beginning, the supporters in the UK have been vital in the formation and growth of the charity in India.

You can read on these pages about the tremendous work which is being done and the impact which this is having on the lives of countless women and children in Goa and beyond.